What is .net framework [Resolved]

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i want to know what is actually .net framework,
some people say they are working on .net framework,the thing i unable to understand is whether they are working on console application,windows form or website,please clear my idea about .net framework means working on .net framework is actually working on what?


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.NET Framework is a complete environment that allows developers to develop, run, and deploy the following applications:

- Console applications
- Windows Forms applications
- Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications
- Web applications (ASP.NET applications)
- Web services
- Windows services
- Service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
- Workflow-enabled applications using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

Please see the image below:-

Happy coding.

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Microsoft .Net Framework is a programming infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and running applications and services that use .NET technologies, such as desktop applications and Web services. i.e. Its a platform to develop console, windows as well as web applications ......
The .NET Framework contains three major parts:
1) Common Language Runtime: A runtime environment that manages the execution of .NET program code and provides services such as memory and exception management, debugging and profiling, and security. The CLR is a major component of the .NET framework.

2) Framework Class Library(FCL): The collective name for the thousands of classes that compose the .NET Framework. The services provided by the FCL include runtime core functionality (basic types and collections, file and network I/O, accessing system services, etc.), interaction with databases, consuming and producing XML, and support for building Web-based and desktop-based client applications

3) ASP.NET : ASP.NET is used to create Web pages and Web services and is an integral part of Microsoft's .NET vision

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.NET Framwork:
Microsoft .NET is a software development platform based onvirtual machine architecture. Dot Net Platform is:
Language Independent : dot net application can be developed different languages (such asC#, VB, C++, etc.)
Platform Independent : dotnet application can be run on any operating system which has .net framework installed.
Hardware Independent : dot net application can run on any hardwareconfiguration
It allows us to build windows basedapplication, web based application, webservice, mobile application, etc.

for more about .net framework visit :http://www.dotnetchallengers.com/App_Folder/Content/Articles/ASP.NET/About%20.NET%20Framework%20ASP.NET/About_.NET_Framework_ASP.NET.aspx?TutorialIds=7

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