Upload Images to Azure storage Account Inserted Information Store to Database using MVC

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ID? Name? ImageURL?

1 aaa http://example/Blob/Images/1.jpg

At the time of inserting the data insert into sqlserver database along with Image Url like above example,The Image stored to Azure Storage account,

At the time of Uploading image automatically store data in database above formate(Example I am giving)Images are store in Azure storage account using MVC

In the same way Update,Delete,Display also

Can you give me this example code or give me any sample example for this

help me


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I am little confused with you question.
What is azure store account?
Below is general curd option performed in MVC.
Link :
MVC - 4 -> http://www.dotnet-tricks.com/Tutorial/knockout/0bOU010413-Knockout-CRUD-Operations-using-MVC4.html
MVC -> http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/uploadfile/dhananjaycoder/crud-operation-in-Asp-Net-mvc-framework
Hope this will help you.

Happy coding.

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I want to store Images Only in Azure Cloud Storage Blob,
Why because Storing images Into database Memory Issues are there,
That's why Images Only Insert in that place That URL (ie,http://example.com/Images/1.jpg) this Url stored in column(ImageURL) database,
I am giving sample data in the above
Renaming Data Like Id,Name,ImageUrl data stored in Sql database

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