nettcpbinding and wshttpbinding.

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in which scenario we are using nettcpbinding and wshttpbinding.

any one tell me the scenario.


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Main differences are:

TCP binding : this is mainly used for Intranet application
1) Offered by the NetTcpBinding class.
2) TCP binding uses TCP for cross-machine communication on the intranet .
3) It supports a variety of features, including reliability, transactions, and security, and is optimized for WCF-to-WCF communication. As a result, it requires both the client and the service to use WCF.
4) Use netTcpBinding with Windows Authentication

Web Service (WS) binding : this is mainly used for Internet application
1) Offered by the WSHttpBinding class
2) the WS binding uses HTTP or HTTPS for transport
3) offers a variety of features (such as reliability, transactions, and security) over the Internet , all using the WS-* standards. This binding is designed to interoperate with any party that supports the WS-* standards.

Name 		Transport 	Encoding 	Interoperable 

NetTcpBinding TCP Binary No
WSHttpBinding HTTP/HTTPS Text, MTOM Yes

Refer this link

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