How to Get Near By Areas/Streets of an Address based on Location(Latitude & Longitude), Radius, Type

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Hi, I am doing a web application in Asp.Net, to retrieve Near By Address from Google Maps API.

For getting this, I am using the below Link:,78.4480110&radius=5000&types=library&sensor=true&key=AIzaSyD3jfeMZK1SWfRFDgMfxn_zrGRSjE7S8Vg

From this I am getting Places which are surrounded by Radius of 5 kms.

My Problem is that,

I am passing "types" parameter here. This parameter is supporting the keywords from below link only:

But I want to send "types" parameter as of my wish, like either as street/area from Street Column in my Database.

types= area or street or place

I was struck at this point.

Can any one Please help me in solving this problem.


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Hi Chakrip,

This might not be your answer but some pointer that may help you.


Sheo Narayan

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