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Hello Webmaster,

I think there is a bug in sections like when we post an Interview Question and then we want to view any question(s). Then it must be opened in read-only mode instead of giving an error message like this

Sorry for the inconvenience. You may do one of the following:

You may visit Mobile version at or
Try previous page again or
Go to Home Page or
Go to What's new section to see if few pages or section has been moved recently (it hardly happens).
Try after few minutes

and for viewing as well as editing and question(s), we have to click on Edit Button.
but in the real scenario,Edit means Editing existing Post and clicking on link means viewing any post.

In Dot Net, we generally do such types of functionality and as is related to Dot net website, then such functionality must be implemented.


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Dear Vishal,

Thanks for suggestions and extremely sorry for delay in response. We overlooked these forum thread.

As those questions might not be published so we do not show them in the read only mode (we have approval mechanism by our Moderator for Articles and Interview questions). However you can still edit it by going to your list of Interview questions and clicking on Edit link of the respective questions.

However we will implement a functionality where if a question is published then only the link of the question appears in the your Interview Question page otherwise simply text will appear.

Thanks again for this suggestion, we are going to update this thread with 200 points as an appreciation for noticing this and letting us know about it.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

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