How do we convert Unicode PUA to Unicode(or hexadecimal)

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As refereced from the below link,


"In a Unicode character value created by adding F000 to the character value, thereby shifting the value into the Unicode private use area. This is done to allow interoperability with legacy word processing formats. So, in the example above, the value of the char attribute is F034, and so we would obtain the character value by removing F000 from F034 to obtain the character at the hexadecimal value 0x34 in the Wingdings font (or 52 as a decimal value)."

How do we convert Unicode private use area to Unicode character(or hexadecimal value) in C#?

For example,
I need to convert Unicode PUA "F0E9" to its equivalent unicode.



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Hi, please refer below links :-

Hope this helps you.

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