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I would need to create a small website which should accept user registration and only registerd user can post any kind of data to website.

Alos how to manage members roles in it.

Please provide me the details how we can implement the same.

if possible please provide some sample code or link to implement the same.

Dhivakaran T


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I will give you an idea, you go with it.

* Create LogIn and Registrations pages and save the data in the database.

* You put a button like Post sumwhere in your homepage or where you want.

* Once the User gets logged in, you then save the username in session.

* In the button click event, check if the session has value and if the value is present then redirect him to the posting page.

* If the user is not logged in (in the sense not registered), then the session value will be empty, then show hm an alert saying (You need to get logged in to post the data) and then redirect him to the LogIn page.

Shree M.

Kavya Shree Mandapalli

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