Rounding of digits and restricting character on a Text box

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Dear Friends,

Could you please help me in achieving the below using Jquery

1) When a user enter the number with decimal places and leading zeroes the following should happen on save

The Leading Zeroes should be removed and a comma separator should appear automatically.

The after decimal places should always be two digits

E.g: 002398.456 = 2,398.46 AND

2) Input is restricted to 2 digits (for years) plus 2 digits (for months).

On display, to be rounded off to nearest 2 digits.

E.g:10.6(means 10 years 6 months) becomes 11.

3) Any input;On display, maximum 50 characters followed by 3 dots.

i.e. If a user enters 100 or 200 characters, the display should always be 50 characters followed by 3 dots.

Thank you all a lot in advance.



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Please look into below URLs:-

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