Change Password and Forget Password without Membership

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How to enable change Password and Forget Password in MVC4 Application without using Membership??
Here is the Model class..i want to send email to the user with new password...

public class LoginModel
[Required(ErrorMessage = "Please Enter Email Address")]
public String userName { get; set; }

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Please Enter Password")]
public String Passsword { get; set; }



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Please go through the follow link:

or perform the following operations:

1. When the user enters his username and password check whether they exist in database o not.I exists then navigate him to the respective page.

2. If not display an error message.

3. Put two links or buttons saying "Forgot Password" and "Change Password".

4. When userclicks on Change Password as k him to enter his UserName, old password and new password. Then Update the password with new password with where condition setting with old passowrd and UserName.

5. For Forgat Password,
ask him to enter his UserName. Based on UserName write select query.

Here the UserName has unique key, which implies it should not allow duplicates.

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Shree M

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Shree M.

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