Images are not pasting in Google Chrome in Article Section

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Hello Web Master,

I am experiencing a problem in Google Chrome browser.

When i use Google Chrome for writing Articles,and i copy image from Ms-paint and Paste in Google Chrome browser.Then images are not pasting in it.

I installed lated version of Google Chrome.

But working fine in Mozilla Firefox browser.

Please look into it.


Posted by: Webmaster on: 12/23/2013 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

Dear Vishal,

Thanks for letting us know about it. Even if copy from MS Paint and pasting into Firefox displays the image in the Contents box, it will not appear when the article is published.

The right way to place images into article is to upload it first (in Step 3 under Image Uploader heading), then place mouse cursor where you want to place image in the Contents box and click on Insert link against the uploaded image. Alternatively you can copy the image path from the list of uploaded image and paste into Insert Image (an icon from the toolbar) dialog box.

Hope this will help in placing images into Article submission form.


Best regards,

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