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Dear friends,

Could you please help me this task is very important for me.
RegEmployee having the columns:

Empno Empname Designation(lookup) Department(lookup)
1 ravi 1 2
2 srinu 2 1
Degination having the columns:

id DegTitle
1 manager
2 clerk

Department having the columns:

Id DeptTitle
1 a/c
2 General

Empno Empname Designation Department

1 ravi manager General

2 Srinu Clerk a/c

I want to display all Employee details belongs to each Employee in DataGridView using web part in VS2010.

Could you please help me .This is most urgent.If you any doubt please go through the attachment.




Posted by: Bhanubysani on: 4/2/2014 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Hi Naidu,

To Implement the above functionality first we need to create a visual web part using visual studio. Place an Grid-view in that page. You need to show the information from the different lists then we need to write an CAML Query to meet your conditions using server object model.

We can return the CAML query data to Data table also. Finally Bind that Data Table to Grid view.

Bhanu Prakash Bysani

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