infopath usage and advantage

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when we will use infopath

plz share more examle and interview question about infopath


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Hi Rahman,

Please find the below information about InfoPath.

Before InfoPath, companies created electronic forms in different formats. InfoPath has helped companies to adhere to a standard. Coding XML manually may not be an interesting job but creating XML forms with InfoPath has really made this job quite easier. All clients must have InfoPath installed on their machines in order to open the forms. It could be a problem for smaller companies to provide InfoPath client to all the users. What can be the solution then? Solution is to create web enabled forms that can be opened in web browser without having to install InfoPath client on user machines.

Not only creating the forms to fill the information, using InfoPath we can edit the list forms also.

You can google for the interview questions on InfoPath. Majorly we need to concentrate about Data Connections, Binding drop downs, Connecting to web services and external databases like Access,SQl server and how many ways to publishing the InfoPath forms .

Go through the attached document, it will; give complete idea about creating InfoPath Forms and publishing the InfoPath forms.

 Download source file

Bhanu Prakash Bysani

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