Want to learn & work on embedded.

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Hi Guys.

I am Skeptical that this right forum to ask an advice but again who can better understand than fellow .Net developers.

To tell you i have been working on winforms applications since the beginning of my career which is now 3.6 years.
I love dotnet.

Coming to the question.

But during my initial days i worked on interfacing embedded solutions with Winforms GUI. I have been fascinated by the equipment. Now i want to learn embedded probably even consider a career in it.

But i have a few doubts.

Is there any scope for programmers who know both winforms and embedded??if there is scope could you tell me a few domains??

Will it difficult a programmer of my experience to learn new stuff??


Should i even do it (considering i have 3.6 years of dotnet experience)???

Mohtashim Siddiq


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