Is new ITPIN no required?

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Hi All, on 2010 I have registered at NSR for a particular IT company from where I had received offer. At the time of registration I had checked the option "My Future Employer". That time I went to the POS and all forlalities were done(finger print etc.).But atlast due to some personal reasons I was unable to join that company. Now I got another offer from other company where again the ITPIN no is required?
Can I use the same ITPIN no?
In my present company it was not required so I haven't done anything about it in so many days.
As that time I had checked "My Future Employer" option and provided that company name (most probably I can't remember exactly now), do I face any problem regarding this?
I had made the same query to the site but no answer is received. Please answer it urgently because I had to resign from my current company accordingly.
Thanks in advance...


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I do not have idea on NSR registration... But the below link might clarify your doubts

especially post by "ESM October 8, 2010 at 12:25 PM "

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I would help you, Please check the below link.

GST Registration

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