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Hi all,

i have string in following format ex:{xType:FORM}{xID:000}{xEmpID:12356}{xDeparmentID:AA}{xStandard1:TN}{xColumn:Task}
how to get those values in my own class members.
public class Data
[DataMember(Name = "Name", IsRequired = true, Order = 00)]
public string DataName { get; set; }

[DataMember(Name = "Value", IsRequired = true, Order = 00)]
public string DataValue { get; set; }

how to get those string values in my own class.



Posted by: Sravan661 on: 3/3/2014 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

I'm not sure if this is your exact issue, but I do know you are never supposed to embed an xtype: 'form' into an xtype: 'form'. If you need its layout functionality then instead of xtype: 'form', use xtype: 'panel' with layout: 'form'.

Hope helps you


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