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i have a xml which contain some integer value, i have to check value is greater than 100 or not. if its greater than 100 then i need to increment one value and in the end i have to produce number of node has more than 100 value.

the sample xml is,

<Module Name="LexisNexis.Alerts.dll" AssemblyVersion="" FileVersion="">
<Metric Name="MaintainabilityIndex" Value="84" />
<Metric Name="CyclomaticComplexity" Value="2,178" />
<Metric Name="ClassCoupling" Value="448" />
<Metric Name="DepthOfInheritance" Value="7" />
<Metric Name="LinesOfCode" Value="4,120" />


Posted by: Sheonarayan on: 5/19/2014 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

You can do it by modifying the XML file however that is little tedious as you will have to use many other namespaces of respective classes.

I would recommend reading it into DataSet, modifying the data and regenerating the xml file similar to explained in this article


Sheo Narayan

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