How To Manage Large Data in MSSQL

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Dear Friends,

I am trying to develop one application which is related to voice broadcasting, here I have a huge data of DND numbers (25 Crores). At the time of broadcasting, from front end user will upload the contact numbers in xl or csv format, In this case I need to cross check the contact numbers uploaded by user are avilable in DND or not, here it is taking too much time to fetch the data.

The DND table has two columns 1. cno (nvarchar(50)) primary key 2. dt nvarchar(50),

I tried with LINQ, XML and few methods upto my knowledge, can anyone tell me, which is the best way to handle this situation.

Thanks in advance..!


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Have you written any batch program to load the csv file to database.
How are you managing those csv files from the application?

Please describe more on how you are cross checking the uploaded numbers with the available.

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