Crystal Report not working in windows server 2008R2

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Project developed in visual studio 2008 with crystal reports that was worked fine in windows server
2003 32-bit.
Now our client upgraded to windows server 2008R2 64-bit crystal report was not working.
Tried options
1. changed the App pool in IIS to allow 32 bit.
2. installed crystal report 2008,2010 64bit,13.0.
3. converted the project to visual studio 2010 new set up installed.
and tried crystal reports different versions.
Still the client not able to access crystal reports.
for an emergency i installed the UI only in Client machine mapped with server that is working fine.the
machine is 32 bit.
Al i need is to open crystal report in server.

pls help me to rectify.


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What is the Error that you are getting

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