Partial view updating in MVC Razor

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Hi Everyone,

I am working mvc4 with razaor. i have a.cshtml file it has one controller. in that page having one form which has fields and gridview. if we click on search button one popup should open, there he will search the records. then that result will be displayed in gridview.popup window gridview having checkbox control. so user will select the records. popup window having add button. if user select the records and click on add button. those selected records will be come to the parent window with a gridview i.e., a.cshtml file. in that gridview having textbox user will enter the values when he click on submit button. these records will be save in to the database. how can we do this in MVC. one more important is here no postback will not allowed.



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Hi Venkatesh,

Giving the entire source code your problem is difficult here however I have tried to write an article related with updating partial view without page refresh with the search result here This will definitely help you in what you want to do.

Regarding getting data from parent window to child window, visit this article

In the same way, there is a way to select record using checkbox also and I have written this article also, kindly search in the Article section.

I hope all above would give you hint for a good start.

Good luck


Sheo Narayan

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