How to set Sunday as First and Saturday as Last Day of the Week

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SSRS Reportinf Expressions
How can i set First Date of the Week as Sunday And Last Date of the week as Saturday.

In my Below Expression i got to have Monday as first day of the Week and Mondayas last week
First Date of the Week It gaves me 6th July 2014 Monday
="[TIME].[Weeks].[Day ID].["+ format(DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, 1-WeekDay(Today), DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, -7, Today)),"d MMMM yyyy") + "]"

Last Date of the Week It gaves me 13th July 2014 Monday instead i need 12 July 2014 Sunday
="[TIME].[Weeks].[Day ID].[" + format(DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, 1-WeekDay(Today), Today),"d MMMM yyyy") + "]"

Any soln...?

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Use the SQL server in Built Key word for that.

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