entity framework - how to avoid updating some column

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Dear All

in my database each database table have these field and their working

CREATEDAT - showing record creation place (not going update)
CREATEDBY - showing record creation user (not going update)
CREATEDON - showing record creation datetime(not going update)
UPDATEDAT - showing record updated place (update when record is updated)
UPDATEDBY - showing record updated user (update when record is updated)
UPDATEDON - showing record updated dattime(update when record is updated)
STATUS - - showing record status (update when record is updated)

now adding record is okey for me . i have problem in updating record .
whenever i am doing updates its also update CREATEDAT ,CREATEDBY,CREATEDON by null value .

I am doing save process like this
step 1 : take data into model from UI .
step 2: using mapper to convert model data into entity class .(here is problem its also updating CREATEDAT ,CREATEDBY,CREATEDON but in step 1 i don't want to set model properties CREATEDAT ,CREATEDBY,CREATEDON )
step 3: update entity class to EF .

how i can avoid this setting values in CREATEDAT ,CREATEDBY,CREATEDON .

Thanks in advance


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