there is insufficient space on the device error on Adroid mobile device

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I was getting "there is insufficient space on the device" error while downloading any app from the Google Play.

I searched for the solution in google and there were many stuffs shown there.

Like go to usb debug mode, move to sd card bla bla

What worked for me?

Simply go to the Manage apps > Select each application one by one and click on Clear Data button. It should clear a lot of data and temporary memory from your phone.

Now try to install the app from Google Play and it works!!!!

Hope this will help someone.

Sheo Narayan


Posted by: Walterrruiz on: 8/16/2014 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

1. Download and install the Link2SD app.
2. Open Link2SD. You will be prompted to choose between ext2,ext3,ext4 and FAT32. Now if you have made partition suing first method choose “ext2? and if you have used the second method then choose “ext4?.
3. Then it will say, Mount Script Created. Now you Reboot your Phone.
4. Now open Link2SD, if any message doesn’t appears, it means you succeeded.
5. Now go to Link2SD > Setting> Check the autolink. (to automatically move apps upon installation).
6. If you already have some apps, select “create link” ( be sure to check the files: app, dalvic-cache, and library files).
7. Now to check the memory, select “Storage Info” . this will be showing you up the current status of your internal memory.
8. And Final Congratulations, you are done, now you can install as many apps as you want.
If you have any doubts, feel free to ask the queries in the comments below. I hope this helped. If you need any kind of writing helps then you can use [URL=]this page[/URL] for know more.

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