Can i use only one textbox in function and replace otheres

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Hi guys i make dynamic search based on dynamic stored procedure. it is working success but i need to using only textbox1 because i have more textbox
if i need to use only textbox1 in place of all textboxes exist
What i do or change
This is my function

FleetManagment.Fleet fleet = new FleetManagment.Fleet();

DataTable Table = fleet.SearchEmployeeAllDateBetween("Data Source=" + value1 + ";Initial Catalog=" + value2 + ";User ID=" + value3 + ";Password=" + value4 + "", textBox1.Text, textBox2.Text, textBox5.Text, textBox28.Text, textBox7.Text, textBox8.Text, textBox9.Text, textBox10.Text, textBox11.Text, textBox12.Text, textBox13.Text, textBox14.Text, textBox15.Text, textBox16.Text, textBox17.Text, textBox18.Text, textBox19.Text, textBox20.Text, textBox21.Text, textBox22.Text, textBox23.Text, textBox24.Text, textBox25.Text, textBox26.Text, textBox31.Text, textBox32.Text, textBox27.Text, textBox30.Text, textBox29.Text, textBox6.Text, textBox4.Text, textBox33.Text, textBox53.Text, textBox3.Text, textBox34.Text, textBox56.Text, textBox51.Text, label33.Text, label34.Text);

dataGridView1.DataSource = Table;



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Thank you for reply
Can i loop through all textboxes to prevent repeating

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