Unable to identify objects for WPF using Awesomium UI web control application

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We could not able to automate below application using a automation tool like QTP or any other UI automation tools.

To just give the back ground this application has been developed in .Net using the WPF framework which in turns using the Awesomium UI web control and Chrome rendering engine inside.

Please suggest a automation tool to automate the above application


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Please check this MSDN document “Supported Configurations and Platforms for Coded UI Tests and Action Recordings”. It shared the supported configurations and platforms for coded
UI tests.
In addition, if there are custom controls/third party controls in your app, I’m afraid that you would write coded UI test extensibility.
Series on Coded UI Test Extensibility
Content Index for Coded UI Test
If there are deep hierarchy controls in your app, you would use the UISpy tool to see them.

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