Creating dynamic user control by clicking button of that same user control in

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Hi All

My requirement is need to develop an user control which contains 2 buttons('Add' button to create this same user control dynamically, 'Delete' button to delete this same user control dynamically), 1 textbox , 1 file upload control and 2 link buttons.

While using this user control inside aspx page when user clicks on 'Add' button then this same user control need to be display dynamically below to the current user control and user able to do all the requirement tasks.

Please let me know how to achieve my requirement.

Thanks in advance


Posted by: vishalneeraj-24503 on: 10/8/2014 [Member] [MVP] Platinum | Points: 25

You need to load user control dynamically in page load above page.ispostback property.
Take a user control and load it using page.load method.

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