How to show values on my query? [Resolved]

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Hi Friends ,
in my table i ve the column of item code which contains '1000' ,'2000' ,'3000' series i jus wanna display the output of item codes '1000','2000'series and some of ('3000019','3000020','3000077','3000078').

i tried left(itemcode,4) in ('1000','2000') or itemcode in ('3000019','3000020','3000077','3000078')
in join query its taking so much of time how t o solve ?


Posted by: Bandi on: 11/6/2014 [Member] [MVP] Platinum | Points: 50


use the below condition and check the execution time
itemcode like '1000%' or itemcode like '2000%'
or itemcode in ('3000019','3000020','3000077','3000078')

if you have index on this column itemcode, the above query somewhat improves retrieval process

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