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Microsoft open sourcing the .NET Core Runtime. This will include everything needed to execute .NET code – including the CLR, Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT), Garbage Collector (GC), and core .NET base class libraries under the MIT open source license.

This process will allow the .NET teams in Microsoft to collaborate even more deeply with other developers around the world. The result is going to be even better products for everyone.

You can download full source code from below link:

Fore more details, visit below links

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Thanks, one more good thing is Visual Studio is also free now. Full functional Visual Studio Community edition is completely free for developer even for commercial use till the team size is more than 5.

I downloaded and it looks awesome. Cross platform application can be developed. Android, ios and other types of application can be developed using Visual Studio now.

Now the .NET framework will also run in Linux and other operating system. Soon Linux version of .NET Framework will be released that will be equivalent to .NET framework for windows.

All these are great news for developers.

Sheo Narayan

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