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I completed my degree in Nov 2007 and i joined ANIIT Course(.net,asp.net and sql), and after completing i joined with my friends and started business on our own and after three years due to certain circumstance we shut down and dropped down and started searching job individually but due to gap for three years they can't accept as a fresher so i joined again NIIT in Bangalore to refresh myself in .net and sql and after completing i couldn't find a right job again but in that mean time due to lot problems in family and was in a condition to earn so i utilized the offer that i got from abroad in teaching industry so i left India and presently working abroad as a computer teacher but i wanna come back to India and to enter IT because this job is not such assured and bit scared about it so pls give me an idea to enter into IT industry.....


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Hello dear,

I would suggest you to read Career guidance article from http://www.dotnetfunda.com/misc/page41.aspx. The first and second article explains situation like yours and give proper guidance.

Thanks and good luck!

Sheo Narayan

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