Consuming Java Build SOAP services using Dotnet Console client Application

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Hi, I want to consume a JAVA build SOAP service using Dotnet client appplication. Detail Question is in attached doc file.
1. The service has SSL configured.
2. End point looks like:
3. I am able to connect the service using SOAP UI Tool by configuring the Tool with the certs given by Java developer.
4. Basically there are two certs used, one for "client authentication" purpose and the second cert is for "WS security" purpose.
6. Basically I need to pass two certs, one cert used for "client authentication" purpose and the second cert is used for "WS security purpose".
7. I have changed the client configuration as below marked in RED color text: while calling the required method using the proxy object getting Error called: could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS authority ***.com..

<binding name="Hello_HTTPBinding">
<security mode="TransportWithMessageCredential" >
<transport clientCredentialType="Certificate" proxyCredentialType="Basic" realm="" />
<message clientCredentialType="Certificate" algorithmSuite="Basic128" />
<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding"
contract="Proxy_Hello" name="Hello_HTTPPort" behaviorConfiguration="NewBehavior" />

<behavior name="NewBehavior">
<clientCredentials >
<clientCertificate findValue="" storeLocation="CurrentUser" storeName="My" x509FindType="FindBySubjectName" />
<defaultCertificate findValue="" storeLocation="CurrentUser" storeName="My" x509FindType="FindBySubjectName"/>

10. Its working perfect in SOAP UI Tool
12. I want to Generate the Request XML from my Dotnet console Application simialar to the SOAP UI generated XML.. Also want to get rid of SSL error....Appreciate your Suggestion..


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Please see the attached docx file to understand the question in detail.
 Download source file

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