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I have been doing practicals for at home from you tubes tutorial by tutorial.
I have completed my mcp cetification in and sql server 2000.
I have been practising questions from and attempting exams .
I have come across your website only today and henceforth I would like to practise from your site.
I am not good at coding level since I am from commerce background and I was into dotnet erp implementation
which felt very interesting to me. I have above 5 years of experience in erp implementation and now willing to be in development.
I have been practising above steps but just help me what steps more should I take to become a dotnet developer.
I have applied for job but not getting any interview calls.

I would thankfull for your great help.



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Hi Meera,
Welcome to the community. I really liked your approach and passion for coding.
Anyways, as per my experience, it does not take much time to pick up a language. What it takes time is to build up the logic . So first of all, I would like to suggest you to write the algorithm presented in Project Euler ( . And along with that, you can start learning C# (My preference) or any other dotnet languages (like, etc.) . Some links for C# is given below



Armed with the C# programming skill, you are now fit for going ahead as a Desktop developer / web developer / Mobile App developer.

For Desktop developer , please learn WPF, Expression blend and MVVM / PRISM . Some links




For Web developers , you need to learn at the minimum

a) ( )

b) MVC ( ) . You can even purchase the book (ASP.NET MVC How to Tips & Tricks by Sheo Narayan, the founder of Please visit )

c) JQuery ( )

d) Angular JS ( )

e) Java Script ( )

f) CSS ( )

g) HTML ( )

h) HTML5 ( )

For Mobile App developers , you need to learn at the minimum Xamarine . Few links below





Also we should be having knowledge on SQL Server, WCF etc.

Armed with all these, you need to practice by participating in various Technical forums like (StackOverflow, Dotnet Funda etc.) where you start answering question of others and start making projects (may it be sample ; never mind). This will help you to gather knowledge.

Once you are comfortable with all these, you are sure to get a good job.

Hope this may help.

N.B.~ It's only a birds overview of the entire process to become a dotnet developer.

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander the Great


Thanks & Regards,
RNA Team

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