Hadoop is working Using .NET?

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So, I've been looking at Hadoop with keen interest,

My only minor issue is I am a C# developer and it's in Java.

It's not that I don't understand the Java as much as I'm looking for the Hadoop.net or the .NET projects that embraces the Google MapReduce approach. Does anyone know of one?

It's possible to work Hadoop in .NET


Posted by: Rajnilari2015 on: 3/31/2015 [Member] [Microsoft_MVP] [MVP] Platinum | Points: 25

Yes it is possible. Checkout this article ( http://www.amazedsaint.com/2013/03/taming-big-data-with-c-using-hadoop-on.html ). I have equally performed that experiment and wrote an article on the same in dotnetfunda; but could not able to find out ):

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