Integrate Skype into Web applicaition

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Is it possible to integrate skype into web application,
If it is possible can you please explain how it is possible?


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Please check this article ( How to enable Skype features in your ASP.NET website )

Also a discussion here



But as Siva Prasad said

No, You can't integrate skype in your web application since there is no token interface, like this currently for Skype. You can't include skype's api to your application,Why because it is a violation of the API terms of use.
But you can integrate twitter and facebook in your web application. Your application call a special API provide by the platform (Facebook or Twitter), user has to enter their credentials in the UI. This UI is provided by the the platform and not controlled by my application. The platform after validating the user information will return a token to my application. This token is what I store and relate it to this particular user. Now when you call, let say an API to post content you have to provide the token. The platform verifies that the token is valid and then it will post the content to the appropriate account that is related to the token you provided.

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