search the phone number of users from json file data

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I have to make a project where I've to display the phone number of the user provided in the text box. The JSON file is in my local machine.
sample data is below:
// user_phone
var family = [{
"name" : "Harry",
"Phone" : "67854639"
"name" : "Kyle",
"Phone" : "670074639"

The application should be like this, when supplied name the phone number should be displayed.

Name:  Harry
Phone: 67854639

Also how can I do CRUD operation wih JSON file . I am new to so please can anyone give some idea how to proceed or provide me the links of tutorial for the same kind of projects .


Posted by: Jopito on: 6/5/2015 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Desearialize your JSON file into object of type maybe Person.

Check here

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