How to get number of pages in certain section in a word?

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Hello everyone,

I know how to get number of pages of a whole word. If my Word has more than one sections,and each has their own pages . How to obtain how many pages in certain section using C#? Any ideas ? Thank you .


Posted by: Bnote on: 6/5/2015 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Using VBA syntax what you need for "section n" is
a. if n
= 1 then you look at


b. if n
> 1 then you establish that section n exists, then look at


and notice that case (b) can return 0 if you have a continuous section break on the last page of section n. I don't know what that would mean in terms of the headers that you would have, but I'd hope it would mean you just had the first page header.

Refered here:

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