VB 2005 OR VB 2008 OR ANY NEWER VERSION LIKE VB 2010,2012 ETC [Resolved]

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Please help me with this confusion, which one to learn as a beginer(novoice). For colege project and also which will help me in my carrer after graduation in applicaiton development. I ve good knowledge on working with visual basic for Excel which is quite similar to the VB6.


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Hi Sheo Narayan,

Thanks for your replay,
Here I have to do project which is database oriented with front end of vb. I had started with visual studio 2005 coding in visual basic language. Now few advised me to learn Visual studio 2008 .NET, not the 2005 as it is very old.
I have no other choice in deviating from visual programming as front end and database as back end. I am confused to choose which one will help me to do my project in the degree. and I am all alone got to do this project.

Could you also help me what type of projects I must do to get good knowledge on both stream of vb and database.

Thank you
Dayananda Narayana

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Dear Dnarayyan,

VB (Visual Basic) language future is not that great and probably no new version of Visual Basic may come in future however it will be supported in the current version. The user base of Visual basic programming language is decreasing drastically and moving to C#.

I would highly recommend you to learn C# (in Microsoft technologies) programming language instead. C# programming language resembles C or C++ that would probably be easy for you to understand.

If you have no choice to select language to learn then learn the latest version of Visual Basic that is coming along with Visual Studio 15 (VB 14), The current version if VB 11 that comes along with Visual Studio 2012.

Read more Visual Basic here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Basic_.NET

Hope this answer your question. Thanks for asking.

Sheo Narayan

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Hello Sheo Narayan,,

Are you saying visual studio 2008 but learn coding in C#.?
Or is it out of VS 2008. altogether new C#.
I am a newbie i really need help please.

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