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I have developed a web application project in visual studio 2012 using c# and i have a SqlServer 2008 R2 database for this project. How can i upload the project with database to and what changes i have to make?


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If you have the authorization like if you have FTP user name and Password then you can publish you website:
Open your project in Visual studio 2012 => right click upon solution under solution explorer =>Select Publish then publish window will open there in Connection section you can select Publish method as FTP, Put your information and check the connection (you can also publish your database from here) then publish. If you find to publish Database then you can create one database in profile and restore your local backup file there.

Mandatory to change the Connection String in Web.config file to have database access,

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The easiest way is to publish the files (using the Publish Wizard ) and copy them to the server under WWWWeb.

For the database part, take a backup of your database (in your local) and restore them in your server .

N.B.~ Since we are doing in that way , henceforth I have mentioned the same. There are other ways though.

Hope this helps.
Let me know in case of any concern.

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