Require Book/Link Which Covers following topics

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Please Provide me Book or Link which Covers Following Topics:

a. HTML Page design using DIV based layout (no tables)
b. META Tags
c. Viewport
d. HTML5 Page design using &lt;header>, <footer>, <article>, <section> and <div>

2. CSS
a. Styling of elements using CSS
<b>b. CSS properties – float, align, background, margin, padding, position, width, height
c. Pseudo classes
d. How to override CSS properties</b>

e. Inline, embedded and external CSS

<b>3. JavaScript
a. DOM Manipulation
i. Change content of the DIV based on some event
ii. Populate data inside a DIV using AJAX
iii. Show/Hide Elements
b. Event handlers
c. Timer functions – setTimeOut, setTimeInterval
d. AJAX and JSON
e. Cookies management
f. Debugging using Browser Console
g. JavaScript/CSS minification

Please suggest me link for the topics which are in bold letters.(Link/Book should cover Bold Marked Topics Mandatory.) Please reply asap.


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