how add custom link in central adminstration left navigation contraol using sharepoint 2010

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i am trying using feature receiving to add custom link in central adminstration left navigation contraol in sharepoint 2010



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Previously, the world and more specifically the cream of the company wanted to have a portal of the company be it for any reason. Hundreds of millions of dollars were pumped into building portals. SharePoint 2007 was an effective tool those days. Most of these web portals, enterprise portals were loved then they were born, but gradually lacked luster and more often than not went on to become feebly used and not used at all by employees. Companies and organizations then realized the ROI on portals had just been insignificant. It was then that the need of a collaborative platform in an enterprise was felt. And SharePoint 2010 is just the exact answer which Microsoft gave for filling in this need.

Any organization can make the mistake of assuming that one enterprise level collaboration platform would be suitable for all the needs of its people. Organizations should know that because the nature of the projects vary within a company, different IBUs (Independent Business Units) might have different needs and hence their level of acceptance to one common collaboration org-wide platform would vary. If one project has a focus on usability reporting, the might have on document collaboration and still others would have different specific needs.
That's why SharePoint 2010 is an unfinished product. It allows you to meticulously observe your needs and then assess what customizations are needed in the product more to make it more acceptable in your company. And this process is the most painstaking of all activities. You might be already hosting your portal in SharePoint or you may not have used SharePoint at all, if you want to take advantage of what SharePoint 2010 can offer to your business, one thing you must invest on - understanding the needs of your business. As your business evolves, your needs evolve too. Capturing all those needs and transforming them into reality is what SharePoint 2010 promises.

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