In which table the session is stored, when we write session state mode as sql server?

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While using session state, if we mention session state mode=sqlserver,
where does this will get store in sql server? How to see that value?


Sridhar Thota.


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We need configure for saving session in sqlserver. This configuration is done using ASPNET_REGSQL.EXE.
we can store the session state in three possible locations within the SQL Server:

Temporary storage: the session state is stored in the "tempdb" database of SQL Server. The ASPNET_REGSQL.EXE creates a database called ASPState and adds certain stored procedures for managing session to it. The tool also creates required tables in the "tempdb" database. If you restart the SQL server, the session data is not persisted.

Persistent storage: The tooASPNET_REGSQL.EXE creates a database called ASPState and adds stored procedures for managing a session to it. The session state is stored in the ASPState database. The data is persisted even if you restart the SQL server.

Custom storage: Both the session state data and the stored procedures are stored in a custom database.
The database name must be specified in the configuration file.

Further info: Refer


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