How do breakpoint debugging make in jQuery? [Resolved]

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How do breakpoint debugging in jQuery and what are keyboard shortcuts with Visual studio? Eg. To select line, select word etc....

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Use developer tools in IE,Chrome,Firefox.

For Chrome/IE, hit F12, go to sources, find the file of the javascript, find the code and set a breakpoint (by clicking to the left of the line you want the breakpoint on), and hit F10 to execute line by line.
You can just hover over the variable names and it'll give you the current values.

For firefox use the add-on Firebug.

For Safari use inspect element.

Also you can use debugger within your code.


$("#myBtn").click(function() {


In Visual studio,look in the "Debug" menu for the "Step Over"[F10] and "Step Into"[F11] items.

Also you can refer to the below links for more information

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