How to create Admin panel from Android app? [Resolved]

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Hi all,
This will be a distributed application among few (say >10) users) this app has 1)USER MODULE 2) ADMIN MODULE.
Admin does all the changes like a) Scheduling meeting, 2)Approving leave 3)Sending circular 4)Uploading gallery images etc
User does few activities like a) Accepting meeting proposals, 2) Applying leave 3)Accepting circular 4) Viewing Gallery etc.

How do I create an ADMIN PANEL,
When ever admin does those actions, all users must get a notification may be a text message, or email or simple pushup notification.

Please help on how do I achieve this.?
Thank you all.
Wish you happy new year and great success.


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@Dnarayan Sir, A few times back I did a similar kind of application in our project. For Push notification, we need to connect to the GCM Server through DeviceId. The GCM serevr expects ServerID (for Authentication) and DeviceID for message/data exchange. Please follow this for better understanding

Sending Email and SMS will be quite simple.
However, let us know if you need further assistance.

RNA Team

Thanks & Regards,
RNA Team

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Please some one help me how to create admin panel overall from the scratch.
and how to I host it so that all phones can access the database?

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