how to deploy single package [Resolved]

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i know deploy whole solution through manifest in SSIS ,but how we deploy single package to desired location.Can any one tell me the solution.
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@Mrashmi586 Sir, you can use Integration Service Import Project Wizard for doing so.

Steps to follow

1. In the New Project dialog box of SSDT, browse to Installed Templates > Business Intelligence > Integration Services on the left navigation pane.

2. Choose Integration Service Import Project Wizard option, enter the Name, Location and Solution Name accordingly. Then click OK to proceed to the next step.

3. Click Next on the Integration Services Import Project Wizard window.

4. On the Select Source dialog, choose Integration Services Catalog. Then provide the details of the project on the server that you wish to import. Then follow the wizard Next buttons.

5. Once the project is created, you can browse to the package(s) that you wish to inspect.

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