how to add text boxes in "ADD MORE" button [Resolved]

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I made a page in .net mvc and added text boxes for location Address i.e address , city, state, country, pin code... and put "ADD MORE" i just want when user click on ADD MORE button then address,city ,state,country,pin code textboxes again appear so that he can add more location addresses


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In the Click event of the "Add more" button, you have to add the dynamic html,
var itemCount = $('div.addRow').length;

id = itemCount + 1;
var newDiv= $('<div class="addRow">');
var row= '<span><input type="text" id="state'+id+'"/></span>';
row= row + '<span><input type="text" id="country'+id+'"/></span>';
The Html should be,
<div id=divDetails></div>

Try this..

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