Difference between task and job in SQL Server

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Gm guys... Whats Difference between task and job in SQL Server with exp.?

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@Amatya Sir,
By task did you mean SSIS Task or Database Task?

If you mean the first one, then a SSIS task is to make the flow happen between the source and the destination. It has multiple task like Dataflow task,Data Preparation Tasks,Workflow Tasks etc. Once the SSIS tasks are made properly then we deploy the SSIS package and one of the way to schedule the SSIS package is through SQL Job which is a series of operations perform the SQL Server agent.

If you mean Database task , then it involves a series of activities on the database like backup, restore, detach/attach a database, shrink database, generate DDL/DML scripts for the database, Import and Export wizard for data export/import etc. It does not have any thing to do with SQL Job. However, we can always create a maintenance plan for that.

Hope this helps.

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