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How can we call a PartialView in a View where PartialView belongs to to Inherited Model of Model from View .Say I need to call PartialView -_Partial which belongs to Model ChildModel I need to call it in View MainView whose Model is ParentModel where ChildModel is Inherited From ParentModel


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Let say you have the two parent and child view model (i.e. PVM and CVM) as well as parent and child view (i.e. PV and CV)

First you need to call the parent view (i.e. PV) from the controller and pass the parent view model (i.e. PVM) to it. While calling the PV, make sure that you need to fill the child view model with data (i.e. CVM). So you are passing the PVM along with CVM to PV.

After that the call the child view (i.e. CV) form parent view (i.e. PV) and pass the child view modle (i.e. CVM) using the below code:-

@if(PVM.CVM != null)

Html.Partial("_Partial", CVM)

Also you can use the "RenderPartial" for calling the CV.

Please see the

Hope this will help you.

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