what is .net and its execution process

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Q.1) what is .net ???

A.1) .Net is a Framework Tool Which supports many programming languages. .Net supports 61 programming Languages. In 61 Programming Languages 9 are designed by Microsoft and 52 are designed by non microsoft. .Net is very much powerful tool used to build Distributed Computing applications.

Q.2) Advanteges Of .net ?

A.2) a. Platform Independency
b. Security
c. Automatic Memory Management

Q.3) what is paltform, platform dependency and platform independency ??

A.3) Platform--> platform is the combination of CPU Arcitecture and Operating System Arcitecture.

platform Dependency--> Code that has been generated by the language compiler doesn't run/execute on a different processor and in different operating system than which it has been compiled, this nature is known as platform dependency.

platform Independency--> If the code generated by the language compiler (LC) Compilation runs on any processor and in operating system than which it has been compiled then it is known as platform Independent.

Q.4) Code execution in .net ??

A.4) In .net code is compiled twice. In first compilation, Source code is compiled by respective language compiler and an intermediately code is generated known as MSIL. In second Comilation MSIL is converted into native code using CLR.

Always First compilation is slow and second compilation fast.
MSIL is cpu Independent & will run only on Windows OS only using. .Net framework because, .net framework is designed for windows Operating System only.
there is another Company known as Novel Designed swperate framework known by MONO Framework using this framework we can run MSIL on different operating system like Linux, MACOS, Solaris, BSD, OSX etc.


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