How to Update exist course id in EmployeeCourse table and save data in edit view post

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in this link explain what i need

in the following diagram i have 3 tables Course Employee EmployeeCourse how to save exist courses in edit post

and save data In code below i can get data in edit view get but

i cannot update and save data in database in EmployeeCourse table with existing courses

update your edit view model to have a collection of CourseVm
public class EditEmployeeVm
public int Id { set; get; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public List<SelectListItem> Courses { get; set; }
public int[] CourseIds { set; get; }
public List<CourseVm> ExistingCourses { set; get; }

public class CourseVm
public int Id { set; get; }
public string Name { set; get; }
Now in your Edit GET action, populate the ExistingCourse collection.

public ActionResult Edit(int id)
var vm = new EditEmployeeVm { Id=id };
var emp = db.Employees.FirstOrDefault(f => f.Id == id);
vm.Name = emp.Name;
vm.ExistingCourses = db.EmployeeCourses
.Select(f => new CourseVm { Id = f.CourseId,
Name = f.Course.Name}).ToList();

vm.CourseIds = vm.ExistingCourses.Select(g => g.Id).ToArray();
vm.Courses = db.Courses.Select(f => new SelectListItem {Value = f.Id.ToString(),
Text = f.Name}).ToList();
return View(vm);
I loop through the ExistingCourses collection and display it.

@model EditEmployeeVm
@using (Html.BeginForm())
@Html.DropDownList("AvailableCourses" ,Model.Courses,"Select")
<h4>Existing courses</h4>
<div id="items"></div>
foreach (var c in Model.ExistingCourses)
<div class="course-item">
@c.Name <a href="#" class="remove" data-id="@c.Id">Remove </a>
<input type="text" name="CourseIds" value="@c.Id" />
<input type="submit"/>
the view to handle the remove and add of a course.

@section scripts
$(function() {
$(document).on("click",".remove",function(e) {
$('#AvailableCourses').change(function() {
var val = $(this).val();
var text =$("#AvailableCourses option:selected").text();
var existingCourses = $("input[name='CourseIds']")
.map(function() { return this.value; }).get();

if (existingCourses.indexOf(val) === -1) {
// Not exist. Add new
var newItem = $("<div/>").addClass("course-item")
.append(text+' <a href="#" class="remove" data-id="'+val+'">Remove </a>');
newItem.append('<input type="text" name="CourseIds"
value="' + val + '" />');
So when you submit the form, The CourseIds property will have the course ids (as an array).

public ActionResult Edit(EditEmployeeVm model)


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I would suggest you to use the entity framework model,

Edit the model item with the iD and also with the updated details,

Then in the method, supply the model element.

In the db context get all the items from the database table,

Now update the value with the supplied model object

now make the DBCOntext object to edit mode and save the contest, which will be updated in a database table.


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