How to Fixed this limit file size [Resolved]

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I restore a .bak file from a Employee Database that I need to Restore, but the Restore exceeds licensed limit of SQL Server 2014 10240 MB per database

How to Fixed it in Sql server 2014 version

any one guide me.

i tried following Query but no luck not working raise above error only any one do and let me know

ALTER DATABASE mydb MODIFY FILE (name = N'logical_name', size = 2048MB);
DBCC SHRINKFILE(logical_name, 2048);

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The only solution as far as I know is the buy the licensed version of SQL Server. The free version of SQL Server also called SQL Server Express (assuming you have this on your system right now) has limitation on the database size, processor it will use and certain functionality so you are getting error.

Read the features of different SQL Server editions . This is for SQL Server 2016, similarly it would be for 2014 also.

Hope this helps.

Sheo Narayan

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The only way would be to restore to an edition of SQL Server besides the express edition, then delete the data that you don't need. Then shrink the database below the 10 GB limit then backup and restore to your express instance.

If this is for a development machine look at getting a copy of SQL Server Developer Edition. It's usually about some dollar amount and doesn't have any limitations like database size. It's only limitation is that you can't use the instance for production use.


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