Why MVC.NET is Better than ASP.NET [Resolved]

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Why I should choose ASP.NET MVC instead of ASP.NET?
What the things I can achieve in MVC which cant be done by ASP.NET



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Thanks Manicse for asking the question.

Here are couple of points

* ASP.NET MVC supports TDD (Test Driven Development), ASP.NET Web Form doesn't not.

* ASP.NET MVC has inbuilt URL friendly routing mechanism

* ASP.NET MVC doesn't have ViewState, so no more lengthy hidden code that makes the web page size bigger

* ASP.NET web page doesn't have any additional javascript, viewstate and other additional codes that ASP.NET Web form has.

* Validation supports with the help of Data Annotations on the Model, ASP.NET Web form doesn't have this.

* Out of the box Anti forgery attack mechanism, XSS attack safe

* Full control over HTML

* Follows MVC architecture, very good for large projects and team. ASP.NET Web Form lacks here

* Easy maintenance as all layers are separate

* Inbuilt support of Entity Framework, so no need to write ADO.NET code ourselves.

* World is moving to ASP.NET MVC, even Microsoft has decided not to continue developing ASP.NET Web Form seeing the benefit of ASP.NET MVC over Web Form.

Future is ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web form next version is not coming. ASP.NET Core is purely based on ASP.NET MVC, you will not hear ASP.NET Web Form.

Thanks, hope this helps.

Sheo Narayan

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