how to remove selected course from table EmployeeCourse when click save button [Resolved]

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Remove courses from EmployeeCourse table and jquery view when click save button if i remove course


in view

$("#tb").on("click", ".r", function () {

what i write here to remove in jquery client side
public ActionResult Edit(Cusomemp2 custom)
what i write here to remove from EmployeeCourse table server side

return View();


IF i have 3 courses for employee Michel(interface as following)

c# remove button

SQL remove button remove button

save button

I need when click remove button for SQL course remove it by jquery from client side then when click save button remove it from
EmployeeCourse table(server side)

i use this model

 public class Cusomemp2  
public int Id { get; set; }
public List<EmployeeCourse> empcourses { get; set; }


and when i need to retrieve courses for employee from EmployeeCourse table in

edit view i use this code below

var index = 0;
url: "/Employeedata/getcoursesbyempid",
success: function (res) {
$.each(res, function (i, e) {

$("#tb").append("<tr><td><input type = 'hidden' name='empcourses[" + index + "].CourseId' value='" + e.Id + "'/></td><td>" + e.CourseName + "</td><td><input type='button' value='remove' class='r'/></td></tr>")



function retrieve data in controller

public JsonResult getcoursesbyempid(int x)
db.Configuration.ProxyCreationEnabled = false;
var data = db.EmployeeCourses.Where(a => a.EmployeeId == x).Join(db.Courses, a => a.CourseId, b => b.Id, (a, b) => new { Id = a.CourseId, CourseName = b.CourseName });
return Json(data, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

so that i need after retrieve data in edit view

remove course by jquery if i remove SQL course

then remove the SQ course from database in table EmployeeCourse

how i do that by code jquery and c# controller

EmployeeCourse table have three fields ( Id,CourseId,EmployeeId )

Course Table have ( Id,CourseName )

Employee Table have ( Id,Name )


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Try this,

using (var context = new CourseContext())
var course = context.Authors.Find(custom2.Id); //specify the CourseId
context.Courses.Remove(course); //removes the entity from the Courses Entities/Collections

We have already written an article on the same. Please find it here

Hope that helps

Thanks & Regards,
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